Miodrag Djurkic, a former policman and warden of a detention facility in Donji Vakuf, was charged with crimes against humanity for illegally arresting, detaining and abusing non-Serb civilians in 1992.

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Bosnia Charges Ex-Policeman with Illegal Detentions, Prisoner Abuse

Donji Vakuf, where the alleged crimes were committed. Photo: Wikimedia Commons/Hattab.

The Bosnian state prosecution filed an indictment on Friday charging Miodrag Djurkic with persecuting non-Serb civilians in the Donji Vakuf municipality on ethnic and religious grounds.

The prosecution alleged that Djurkic committed the crimes from June 21, 1992 to the end of September 1992 while he was working as a criminal technician at the police’s Donji Vakuf Public Security Station, and from the beginning of July 1992 to 23rd September 23, 1992, while working as the warden of the Vrbaspromet detention facility, which was under the jurisdiction of the Donji Vakuf Public Security Station.

The prosecution said in a statement that around 100 non-Serb civilians were illegally arrested and detained, then taken to the Vrbaspromet detention facility in Donji Vakuf.

While being held in detention there, the civilian prisoners were subjected to “torture, abuse, cruel beatings and inhumane treatment, which resulted in the deaths of two civilians”, the prosecution said.

Four civilian prisoners were taken away to an unknown location and their bodies have never been found, the statement added.

Djurkic is alleged to have committed the crime during a widespread and systematic attack on the non-Serb population in the Donji Vakuf municipality.

The indictment has been forwarded to the Bosnian state court for confirmation.

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