The father of Srdjan Aleksic, a Serb who was killed while trying to save his Muslim friend in Trebinje during the Bosnian war, called for the anniversary to be declared a day of remembrance in the city.

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Murdered Bosnian War Hero’s Father Calls for Day of Remembrance

Rade Aleksic at his son’s grave in Trebinje. Photo: BIRN.

Rade Aleksic, the father of Srdjan Aleksic, who died on January 27, 1993 after being beaten up by Bosnian Serb reservist troops for defending a Muslim friend from attack in the city of Trebinje, said on Thursday that the local authorities should declare the anniversary a day of remembrance.

The story of Srdjan Aleksic’s wartime stand, at a point when Serbs and Bosniaks were enemies, spread across the former Yugoslavia. Several towns in Bosnia and Serbia have paid homage to Aleksic by naming streets after him.

“I am proud because I know that Srdjan’s act awakened in many people a feeling of humanity and respect,” said Rade Aleksic.

He said that the memory of what his son did, and the recognition he continues to receive from other people, is what keeps him alive.

He read out a letter that he received from a doctor from London, who wrote that he and many others had grieved for Srdjan Aleksic.

“Be brave, you raised and educated your son to perform a humanitarian duty,” the letter said.

Djordje Miljanovic, the vice-chair of the Trebinje local assembly, said that a day of remembrance “could certainly be a topic” for councillors to consider.

“On this day we remember the great sacrifice of Srdjan Aleksic at a very difficult time. The city of Trebinje has a permanent obligation to dedicate this day to Srdjan Aleksic and mark the day decently,” Miljanovic said.

Streets in Belgrade and Pancevo in Serbia and the Bosnian capital Sarajevo have been named after Srdjan Aleksic, and there is a Srdjan Aleksic Boulevard in the Montenegrin capital Podgorica.

But no street has been named after Srdjan Aleksic in Trebinje, the town where he was born and died.

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