Three former Bosnian Army soldiers were charged with involvement in the unlawful detention, murder, torture and abuse of Serb civilian detainees in villages near Sarajevo in 1992 and 1993.

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Bosnian Army Ex-Soldiers Charged with Torture, Prisoner Abuse

The village of Hrasnica near Sarajevo. Photo: Wikimedia Commons/Deluxedunk.

The Bosnian state prosecution filed an indictment on Friday charging Bosnian Army First Corps ex-servicemen Senad Gadzo, Zaim Lalicic and Suljo Hebib with crimes against prisoners in the villages of Hrasnica, Butmir and Sokolovic Kolonija near Sarajevo in 1992 and 1993.

“They have been charged with having committed unlawful detention, murder, torture, abuse, torture in humiliating manners, physical mutilation and other severe forms of abuse,” the prosecution said in a statement.

The indictment charges them with war crimes against the civilian population, which they allegedly committed while working as guards.

The indictment was sent to the state court for confirmation.

In 2015, the state court sentenced Zaim Lalicic to six years in prison for rape and inhumane treatment in Hrasnica during the war.

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